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Precision grinding requires a controlled workshop environment, the right tools and highly skilled machinists. We offer a range of grinding services and operate and maintain three different grinding machines.

The exact specifications of our grinding machines are listed below. If you’d like any more information about our workshop facilities or our grinding services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Jotes Surface Grinder

Magnetic table: 800mm x 400mm

Height under wheel: 380mm



Jones & Shipman Universal Grinder

Distance between centres: 685mm

Maximum swing over table: Ø254mm

Internal Grinding min: Ø22mm


Jones & Shipman Surface Grinder

Magnetic table: 457mm x 152mm

Height under wheel: 180mm



Global On-site Machining Services


We are serving the Petrochemical, Marine, Steel and General Industries with On-Site Machining, In-Situ Machining and Controlled Hydraulic Bolting services.

Our Customers

Our customers are some of the biggest in the world. We specialise in providing, and executing engineering solutions and on-site services designed to maintain the integrity of production and process plants. 



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Total Peace Of Mind


Every member of the M & A Engineering team take responsibility to protect themselves, colleagues, customers and the community we impact. This ensures a safe and accident free work environment.